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5 Severe Side Effects Of Cow’s Milk

One glass of milk is very much nutritious but sometimes drinking too much milk can pose serious health effects in an individuals. People will be actually astonished to know about the severe side effects of milk.

Here Are 5 Severe Side Effects Of Milk

Diarrhea And Abdominal Bloating

Consuming too much milk affects the digestive system very badly because it stimulates the digestive system which ultimately leads to diarrhea. Excessive intake of milk may also cause irritable bowel syndrome. Consuming milk may also result in fullness of the stomach and might also appear as swollen. This condition is referred to as abdominal bloating. Usually people suffering from lactose intolerance suffer from the bloating problems because the small intestine fails to produce enough enzymes called lactase which breakdown lactose into simpler compounds. People suffering from lactose intolerance are not supposed to have milk.

Gas Problems

Another major problem of having milk is stomach or intestinal gas problem. Milk usually contains lactose which causes irritation of the digestive system and leads to generation of gas. Peasople having this gas problem must not have hot milk. One can still have cold milk if they want but occasionally.

Allergic Reactions

Milk contains proteins which might be allergic to some persons. Consuming milk regularly may cause reactions such as swelling of lips and mouth. Such reactions are also known as hypersensitivity and it is also associated with rashes and itching. You should immediately consult a doctor after observing such hypersensitive reaction on the body.

Feeling Nausea

Milk contains lactose, when this lactose is not broken down into simpler compounds people starts having uneasy feeling and nausea. Any nauseated feeling reported must be consulted with the doctor. The nauseated feeling symptoms do not cause any pain in body but you will be an unpleasant feelings. People will be having dizziness and will be having a terrible headache.

Respiratory Problems

Excessive consumption of milk increases phlegm which leads to complicated respiratory problems. Any complication related to respiratory problems like breathing difficulties must be reported to the doctor immediately. Other respiratory difficulties that are associated for drinking excessive milk are cough, sinus etc.