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jen gacek

Hi, welcome to The Fit Housewife!

A little more about me…

My name is Jen, and I’m a happily married, work-at-home mom with 3 young boys.

But I wasn’t always this way. After having my 2nd child, I was depressed and severely overweight. Just walking up a flight of stairs exhausted me! I was tired of struggling with my weight and feeling tired all the time, and I was ready for a change. However, I got pregnant with our third child, and I didn’t have any energy, time or money to join a gym. After giving birth to my third son, I knew I needed a change, but the last thing I wanted to do was drag 3 kids under 2-1 /2 to a busy gym. This is when a friend introduced me to at-home workouts.

For the first time, I started feeling better about myself. Not only did exercise challenge me in ways I’ve never been challenged, but it didn’t require more than 40 minutes of my time. I started to change my body and my mind. Adding strength to my daily routine has completely changed me!

As you can see in that picture, I ended up losing too much weight. I got stuck in the “diet” mentality of “eat less, exercise more.” I started fearing certain foods, overexercising, and losing energy.

After doing a lot of research, I am finally changing my “diet” mentality. I’ve come to realize that the diet culture I had been following for the past 9 years was actually causing me to struggle with orthorexia and false assumptions about what health really is.

Today, I’m focused on healing my relationship with food, slowing down my exercise, balancing my hormones, and loving ME again.

I can happily say that after my initial 90 pounds weight loss, it feels good to gain back 20 pounds. I got my period back after 10 years! I no longer have a list of foods that are off limits. While I still eat lower cab, higher fat, it’s because I CHOOSE to, not because someone has told me that it’s a better way to eat. I choose to eat the foods that make me feel good, whether that’s some roasted veggies or a piece of decadent chocolate cake.

I’ve learned so much over the past few years which is why I wanted to start this blog, The Fit Housewife. I want to share my success story with you. I want to share how I exercise and eat right to balance my hormones and stop falling into the diet trap.

And lastly, I want to share how we’ve changed our lifestyle to a more wholesome lifestyle by using essential oils. I figured, if I’m going to change the way I eat and exercise, I should also change our home into a toxin free home!

And of course, I still like to bake some “healthier” treats because we all deserve a treat once in a while…

Fitness, intuitive eating, and wellness has become a huge part of my life and has changed my life completely.

I would love nothing more than to help you along the path to your freedom. It IS there…just waiting for you to grab it.

I am blessed to be able to work for myself, be a stay at home mom/wife and do what I truly love and to work with some pretty amazing people.

So come take a look around. I’m sure you will find some delicious recipes, healthy treats, and some nutrition and fitness tips to help you along your healthy living journey!