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erectile dysfinction

9 Things You Need to Know about Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, most people simply look at it as a condition in which a man fails to sustain an erection.  And while this characteristic is true, there are many things about ED that most people are unaware of.  Keeping this in mind, here’s a quick overview of nine things that everyone needs to know about ED (TIP: Get rid of ED with Max Performer pills reviews).

1. ED Patients Should be Tested for Diabetes

An alarmingly high amount of men who have ED also have diabetes.  For those who have went undiagnosed, it’s imperative to check them for diabetes.  In fact, when it comes to diabetes, ED is a more effective “predictor of a CV event than either HbA1c or microalbuminuria.”

2. Medications can Lead to the Development of ED

There are many medications that are directly related to the development of ED, including:B-blockersSSRI antidepressantsThiazide diureticsAntipsychotics

3. Depression and ED Go Hand in Hand

Men who suffer from ED are twice as likely to have depression.  However, being that SSRI antidepressants can worsen the condition, it’s imperative to prescribe a PDE5.

4. Not Everyone Benefits from PDE5

Although 75 percent of the general population who suffers from ED will benefit from PDE5, not everyone will.  In fact, 30 percent of men who have had a radical prostatectomy will not benefit from PDE5 inhibitors.  55 percent of men who have type II diabetes won’t benefit either.  Fortunately, though, intracavernosal injection treatment can be of the utmost help.

5. Testosterone Levels are Naturally Lower than They Used to Be

Over the past 20 years, men have really started to dwindle down in terms of testosterone levels.  In fact, research has shown men now have 20 to 30 percent less of the hormone than they used to.  That’s right.  Men’s forefathers naturally had more testosterone.

6. Lack of Sleep Really Does Lead to ED

Living a life full of going here and there can be exhilarating, especially when enjoying all that this life has to offer.  But men must remember a lack of sleep can lead to ED.  And if a man already suffers from ED, a lack of sleep will only worsen the condition.

7. Stress Causes a Lack of Sleep

When a person stresses out, there are high amounts of cortisol released into the body.  As a result, a disruption in sleep patterns usually takes place.  It’s because of this that stress should be maintained as effectively as possible.  As a result, a man can enjoy less stress, better sleep and fewer ED problems.

8. Alcohol Lowers Testosterone

Although some men may feel as if alcohol makes them more sexual, in reality, research shows that drinking alcohol on a regular basis will cause a man’s testosterone levels to be about 10 percent lower than what they would normally be.  This drop in testosterone leads to both ED and a decrease in sex drive.

9. Treatment is Available

The number one thing to know about ED is that treatment is available.  If you suffer from ED, make sure to speak with a physician who specializes in erectile dysfunction today.