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Instant Knockout Review: Best Fat Burner For Fighters?

Instant Knockout is an effective fat burning solution that is made of ten natural ingredients. It functions by boosting metabolism, reducing hunger, and doubling your energy levels. The supplement is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a company based in the United Kingdom and is famous for its sports performance supplements.

Previously, the Instant Knockout supplement was only available for highly boxers in addition to MMA fighters but is currently available to all people. In this Instant Knockout review you will know the importance of purchasing and using the supplement, among others.

What are the Instant Knockout ingredients?

instant knockout label

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is an essential ingredient present in Instant Knockout. It quickens the body’s metabolism and enables the breaking down of fat stored in the body. This extract has caffeine that keeps you active and full of energy.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

This ingredient is made of capsaicin which increases insulin sensitivity in your body. This reduces on body fat storage and burns carbohydrates. Metabolism is increased by this ingredient.


It is a natural fiber extracted from the konjac root. When glucomannan is put in the body, it absorbs more water leaving you with a feeling of being full. This makes it good for suppressing feelings of hunger and lowering food cravings. Glucomannan plays a major role in improving cholesterol balance in your body.


Caffeine increases your body’s energy, lowers fatigue, and assists you in remaining vigorous during workouts. It is a good ingredient responsible for fat oxidation.

Vitamin B6

This is an ingredient that largely assists your body in absorbing excess amino acids which then help your body to build muscles.

Other ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12
  • GTF Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Piperine
  • Green coffee bean

Our thoughts on the Instant Knockout formula

instant knockout box

Instant Knockout is a formula that can help you lose weight and lets you get the muscle definition that you prefer. This is done due to increase in your body metabolism. Your body is always burning fat on a daily basis and this supplement can assist you in burning fat both when you are active and when you are not. You shouldn’t take this supplement by itself as you have to embark on a good diet and do some physical exercises. The Instant Knockout official website offers you with various work-out guides for your different needs in case you lack some special gym equipment.

Is Instant Knockout safe to use?

All fat burners are not safe for everyone. If you experience allergies from consuming any of this supplement’s ingredients, Instant Knockout is not safe for you to use. Also, don’t use this supplement if you have not consulted your doctor. Besides, Instant knockdown is the supplement that will give you a very good body if you are committed to it. Take not that Instant Knockout is for people above 18 years of age.

How Instant Knockout works?

Instant Knockout uses its natural ingredients in three ways to increase fat burning in your body. These ways include the following;

Boosting your body’s metabolic rate

Your body needs more energy for activity. Instant Knockout has ingredients that increase your body’s metabolic rate that makes you lose fat faster even during sleep.

Reduces hunger cravings

Continued eating and snacking results in to more fat stored in your body. Consuming Instant Knockouts for four times per day will reduce your hunger feelings and also lower your cravings. Eat low quantities of food makes your body store less fat.

Fuels energy levels

Having enough energy is essential in maintaining your activity throughout the day. Without energy, you can’t do push-ups or even weight lifting. This is why Instant knockdown is the ideal stimulant to help fuel your body and keep you with energy throughout the day.

What are the benefits of Instant Knockout?

instant-knockout fat burner

Consuming Instant Knockout makes your body ready for intense training and quick fat burning. After thirty days of using Instant Knockout, that the manufacturer emphasizes. If you go to the gym more often, or if you want to reduce on accumulation of fat, Instant Knockout will help you achieve positive results. The advantage about this supplement is that its ingredients supplement each other’s effectiveness.

What are the Instant Knockout reviews and complaints?

Positive reviews from some online stores

Mary, USA:

“I have tried out several other supplements to assist me in my weight loss ambition and nothing has even been comparable to what Instant Knockout can perform!”

Greg M, USA:

“I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about buying.”

Jimmy S, UK:

“My advice is to whoever is in search of a fat burner that truly works, this one is guaranteed to do the job.”

Negative reviews

Disick, Rita, NY, Nov 12, 2018:

“Don’t bother with it, save your finances. I purchased a bottle and didn’t lose weight at all!. I went on diet, did some exercises, more than before, and there was no sign of weight loss. I went to demand for my refund, but because I ordered the supplement and didn’t start the plan for a couple of weeks after receiving it, they claimed that I had surpassed the 30-day money back guarantee. That’s kind of a wierd policy that it has to be returned within 30 days of invoice date.”

Where to buy Instant Knockout and how much does it cost?

You are advised to buy this supplement using Instant Knockout’s official website, unless the product is sold in many stores that are convenient for you. Buying this supplement from the main website lets you enjoy benefits such as money back guarantees, price cuts and discounts, and original products. The prices of the Instant Knockout supplement include the following;

  • A month’s supply comprises of one bottle at a price of $59.
  • A two month’s supply contains two bottles of Instant Knockout at $118. (Free deliveries in the UK and in USA.)
  • A three month’s supply of the supplement contains three tins of Instant Knockout at $185. (Get a free bottle and a free worldwide delivery.)

Does Instant Knockout cause any side effects?

instant knockout bottle

The Instant Knockout supplement is made out of natural plant extracts and minerals. Because of this, it has no adverse side effects to your body. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you are advised to reduce the intake of stimulants while consuming Instant Knockout. This is so because high levels of caffeine intake can affect your sleeping patterns and trigger restlessness.

For pro-level athletes who engage in sports activities at a higher level should know that they can safely do drug testing while consuming Instant Knockout since the supplement does not contain any harmful substances.

How to take Instant Knockout for the best results?

A single bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120×750 MG RED CAPSULES. You can get the best results from taking Instant Knockout by swallowing a capsule for four times per day.

  • Take one capsule in the morning after waking up.
  • Swallow one capsule before having lunch.
  • Take a capsule in the afternoon.
  • Consume one capsule before having an evening meal.

Consuming four equal doses throughout the main part of the day makes you burn fat for a longer time and you are absorbing all of every dose. The Instant Knockout supplement was manufactured specially to assist your body boost its fat-burning competence. Take this supplement to help reduce your appetite and increase your levels of body energy. Instant Knockout has the most effective and thoroughly-researched fat-burning ingredients all in one consumer friendly formula.

Who should use and who shouldn’t use Instant Knockout?

Consumers with pre-existing medical complications are advised to seek medical advice before consuming Instant Knockout. Individuals below 18 years of age are not supposed to take this supplement. Instant Knockout is for both men and women. Pro-athletes should use Instant Knockout to assist in the perfection of their bodies and feel more confident in their different sports professions.

Pros and cons


  • Manufactured from all-natural ingredients.
  • Shows no adverse side effects.
  • Helps your body to burn fat even during rest.
  • Lowers appetite.
  • An offer of free worldwide shopping for every three and above bottles bought.


  • Can only be bought online from the official website.
  • May interfere with your sleep if consumed too close to bedtime.
  • Some individuals can’t afford buying Instant Knockout because it is a premium product.
  • Not suitable for vegetarians.

Final verdict

For your fat burning solutions, always look out for Instant knockout. This supplement will give you amazing results in only three months or less of consuming it. Join the high numbers of people across the globe that are positively reviewing this product and also give your testimony.

Always remember that all supplements can never work well on their own as you need to feed right in addition to working out. All in all, Instant Knockout is a fantastic product that has got so many positive reviews from customers.