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PhenQ Review: Is It The Best Weight Loss Solution?

Many customers are happy with the way PhenQ is making their bodies transform in to sexy and portable ones after suffering from uncontrollable obesity. Obesity is majorly brought about by continued intake of junk foods and alcoholic drinks with high levels of sugar concentration. If you are interested in losing body weight, the secret is in taking this magical dieting formula with dedication. This supplement is made by Wolfson Berg Limited. In this PhenQ review, you are to identify whether PhenQ is worth using or not.

What are PhenQ ingredients?

phenq supplements

A-Lacys Reset

This stands as the main ingredient responsible for reducing both body weight and body fat. Burning of calories in your body is triggered by increase in muscle mass which this ingredient also causes.

Caspimax powder

Another ingredient present in PhenQ is the caspimax powder which has the fat blasting power. The powder comprises of capsicum pepper plant and piperine that make your body burn more fat always.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium is a primary natural mineral present in meat, whole grains, and vegetables that assists in curbing your sugar and carb cravings by letting your body control its blood sugar levels. Chromium helps in the quick absorption of sugar in your body. Take note that this ingredient is good for weight decrease, as it minimizes your continuous cravings for junk food and carbohydrates that result in to weight gain. Once you consume carbohydrates and other sugar filled meals, chromium picolinate converts the fat in to energy. With enough energy, your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates fall.


Caffeine is present in the PhenQ supplement because it helps you reduce hunger, it gives you the feeling of satisfaction as it boosts the process of fat burning in the body by boosting thermogenesis. Caffeine also increases your performance during physical exercises in addition to increasing alertness. Caffeine is the major component of energetic and diet pills that is well-known for increasing your levels of endurance.


This ingredient is rich in fibre and assists you in controlling feelings of hunger and thus decreasing your appetite. It is also known for helping in weight loss by flushing out more fluids from your body tissues to the blood stream.

Other ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Magnesium Stearate

Our thoughts on the PhenQ formula

phenq pills

PhenQ provides a special solution to weight loss. It is better than most weight loss supplements and is useful in achieving your weight loss objectives. This body supplement is safe for human consumption and is made from natural ingredients. The product is here to help masses lose more weight and is very affordable.

PhenQ is the only weight-loss supplement that provides over five actions in reducing weight gain. Even though PhenQ is quite new on the market, customers have to remain alert when using this supplement due its possibility of unknown side effects without documentation in a long while.

However, the manufacturer of PhenQ has a good record of providing high quality products which increases the confidence of buyers in their produce. As a consumer feel free to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Is this PhenQ safe to use?

Yes, PhenQ is safe to use given that it is made of many natural ingredients that are safe for your body. It was produced in GMP and FDA approved facilities in the USA and the United Kingdom. Except other weight loss products that are meant for short term use, you can use the PhenQ body supplement for a long period because it contains no harmful substance. The prolonged use of PhenQ after attaining your weight loss goals won’t impact your health negatively since it contains natural ingredients. Food labeling is another big plus for the manufacturers of PhenQ because it ensures that consumers know the quantities of ingredients they are eating.

How PhenQ works?

PhenQ works by aiming at different areas in weight loss such as;

  • Burning fat. This is done through increasing your body metabolism in addition to thermogenesis. These two processes help your body burn more calories.
  • Stops the making of fat: PhenQ’s ingredients ensure that fat making is stopped.
  • Reducing appetite: This supplement decreasing on cravings and food appetite that lead to weight loss.
  • Boosts energy: PenQ is a stimulant that leaves you active and energized.
  • Increases your mood: You will have a better mood after supplementing your meal with PhenQ.

What are the benefits of PhenQ?

phenq pills

  • It is a mood booster.
  • Provides you with energy.
  • Helps in body fat burning.
  • Prevents the formation of fat cells.
  • Slows down your high appetites.

What are the product reviews and complaints?

Adrienne DeVita:

“Amazing product I’ve achieved great results by using it, A happy customer!”

Boris R:

“Oh my goodness! I have literally lost 11 Ibs in 2 weeks! After trying many diets and tedious lifestyle changes without success, PhenQ has assisted me lose weight more than anything else.”

Anna W:

“Am glad that I lost 10 Ibs in 60 days! PhenQ assisted me to achieve my goals of losing belly fat in addition to improving my body shape.”

The negative review

Brandy Edward:

“Really didn’t do anything for me, I gained weight actually. I tried it for almost 3 weeks and decided to stop.”

These positive and negative reviews were sourced from the official PhenQ company website and from

Where to buy PhenQ and how much does it cost?

phenq prices

It is advisable to buy this product from the manufacturer’s official website that provides worldwide shipping. However, feel free to buy PhenQ from other accessible stores.

  • The benefits you enjoy from buying from the manufacturer’s website include the following; Provision of more details and answers to the common questions about the PhenQ product.
  • You also have the opportunity to take advantage of money back guarantees, price discounts, free bonus guides, and taking original products.

The PhenQ official prices go as follows;

  • A bottle of PhenQ in the USA costs $69.95.
  • Buy two bottles at $139.90 to get another free one.
  • Purchase three bottles of PhenQ and get two free more PhenQ bottles and one bottle of free Advana cleanse formula.
  • In Canada, PhenQ costs $89.95 and comes with an offer of getting two free bottles for buying three bottles of PhenQ.
  • In the United Kingdom, the bottle costs 45.95 pounds with a special offer of getting two free PhenQ bottles for every three you buy.
  • In Australia, a bottle of PhenQ costs AU$94.95 and comes with a special offer of getting two free bottles for every three bottles you buy.

Does PhenQ cause any side effects?

phenq weight loss

PhenQ has no proven side effects given its richness in natural ingredients. However, patients with medical complications must first consult their doctors before taking PhenQ to avoid inconveniences.

Who should use and who shouldn’t use PhenQ?

PhenQ is suitable for people of all genders with different body weights and dietary necessities. You only need the determination to chop body weight and live a healthy life. Discontinue use if advised by a professional doctor.

Pros and cons


  • PhenQ pills are made with natural ingredients.
  • You don’t need a strict prescription to follow.
  • The product does not have dangerous chemicals that may harm your body.
  • PhenQ assists in increasing energy levels and metabolic rates naturally.
  • This supplement is so effective in that it keeps your body in shape and healthy and gives it the ability to shade excess fat.
  • PhenQ is manufactured in the USA and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities.
  • The product has so many positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • The PhenQ body supplement is manufactured by a company that has valued quality for over 30 years.
  • Buying this supplement enables you enjoy many offers and after sale services.
  • PhenQ is safe for human consumption.
  • Usually, this product is sold by the manufacturer to ensure that you enjoy price cuts, and only genuine products.
  • PhenQ is a proven diet pill.
  • This product is an energizer that leaves you feeling active and with the ability to cope with your day’s activities.


  • It is sometimes difficult to access this supplement since it is usually in high-end supermarkets and on some online stores.
  • It is not a good supplement to some people who are allergic to it. Some people experience allergies because of the chromium picolinate ingredient found in PhenQ.
  • PhenQ is expensive to afford given that pills enough for a month cost $70.
  • You can experience difficulty in sleeping if you consume PhenQ in the evening.

Final verdict

This PhenQ review is meant to give you a closer look at the many factors that make PhenQ a trusted formular in the world of weight-loss solutions. PhenQ is worth using because many scientists approve that it comprises of many natural ingredients that give you excellent health benefits. The good things about PhenQ are more than the bad things so far which makes PhenQ a recommendable weight-loss solution for you.