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Success Stories

Here’s proof that ditching the diet mentality works…

Check out some success stories from real people who have taken my Drop a Dress Size Challenge.

CHECK OUT my friend’s! She is a mom of 4, so working out just 22 minutes a day was perfect for her. 12.5 pounds and 9.75 inches LOST!!

“Overall I loved the program! One of the main things I leaned doing this program was that for me 22 mins was enough to make a big difference!”

My challenger and also a mom to 3 boys, say some amazing results!! I can see a big transformation in her midsection and she looks more toned! She lost 7 pounds and 8.5 inches!!

“I loved the program and can’t wait to do it again!!”

Oh my goodness! I am so impressed with my most recent Drop a Dress Size Challenger! She lost a total of 11 inches!! 11 inches in 21 days, can you believe that!! Check out her amazing abs.

“I really enjoyed doing the 21 day challenge. I was very pleased with my results. I feel stronger, more toned, and actually got to see some ab definition. I loved using Shakeology, since I felt like the shakes reduced my cravings and gave me more energy. The program requires planning out your meals, but it’s totally worth it. Thank you Jennifer Gacek for your support and motivation!! You are the best coach!! I look forward to another round.”

She lost a total of 9 pounds and 7 inches in just 21 days!!!

“I am a person who is always up for a challenge and once I mentally committed to the program, it was great! I loved the workouts and the shakes! I would recommend to anyone who is serious about making a change. It does take 3 weeks of some sacrifices but I never had the regret feeling and it paid off for me big time! It also does require a lot of planning and prepping food so be ready for that! After a week or so it became much easier and now it’s like second nature! Thank you Jennifer Gacek for all your support and advice! You are an awesome coach! I can’t wait to join in again for another round this spring! ”

I’m so proud of one of my most recent challengers! Just check out how much she has toned up and slimmed down in just 42 days! She is a busy mom of 4 and still manages to get in her workouts and plan her meals daily. Her results show…20.2 pounds lost and 10.5 inches lost!!!

“I am really really pleased with myself and feeling so strong with the combo of both eating healthy and workouts. I have finally found the key that is now shifting dormant inches and weight …I have normally done one without the other …losing weight but starving on a weight watchers plan which was not sustainable, or else eating whatever I wanted while working out. Now I’m kicking both!”

WOW! I just love seeing these results from just 21 days of changing your mindset! My recent challenger is now ready for summer as losing 9.6 pounds and 8.75 inches.

“Wow! How has it been a month already! Despite my bit of a stall in the middle, I’m still very happy with my results! Just shy of my 10lb goal: 9.6lbs lost and 8.75 inches!! Thank you so much Jennifer Gacek and all you other wonderfully inspiring ladies!! You all rock!!”

I am so impressed with my challenger’s results in just 2 months! She was even sick through part of it and couldn’t exercise. But she stuck to the nutrition plan and still lost weight! She lost 7 pounds and 7.5 inches.

“Ok feeling excited…..last month I didn’t loose any weight but looked a ton better…but this month I have lost 7lbs and I was super sick….I can see my abs definition!”

Check out this hot mama!! She is one of my most recent Drop a Dress Size challengers who has completed the program. She lost 5.25 inches and 2 pounds. Check out her tightened and toned tummy!! But it’s not just about the weight loss for this busy mom…

“I feel GREAT! I’ve gained such great friends and support, self-confidence, and a stronger mind and body…and I feel HEALTHY!”

I am so amazed from these results! Ashley did 2 Drop a Dress Size Challenges with me and lost a total of 13 pounds and 12 inches! Ashley is a busy work-at-home mom but still finds the time to take care of herself by exercising and eating healthy. Way to go Ashley!

“I feel so awesome! I have so much energy and I’ve never been so driven to succeed. I’m so happy I’m inspiring others to get healthy!”

Check out the results of one of my challengers. She committed to exercise and eating healthy every day, and has lost 17 pounds in the first 3 months!

“Holy Moly! Your groups, your recipes, Shakeology were the tools I needed to get rid of those after baby pounds!”

“I can’t believe the difference in just 34 days! It is a total of 6.875 inches lost and 7.4 pounds lost. I gained muscle and lost fat, so the fat loss is my most exciting part! Thank you to my coach for helping me in this 30 day challenge to drop a dress size. I don’t know if I can say I truly lost a dress size, but clothes fit SO much better than before!” ~ Carolyn W.

Are you ready for results like these?

These women are just like you! If they can do it, you can do it.

Get started today!